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good tuesday morning. coming up on "early today," speaking out. the three women held for a decade break their silence. new images and details around the crash of asiana flight 214. the muslim brotherhood called for an uprising in egypt after more morsi supporters are killed. plus an active volcano captured. and a cool new bar debuts in the heat of new york city summer. everything is made of ice. "early today" starts now. >> announcer: this is "early today" for tuesday, july 9th. good morning. i'm richard lui. the three cleveland women held
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captive for a decade are breaking their silence. in a youtube video, michelle knight, gina dejesus and amanda berry say the outpouring of support is helping them rebuild their lives. >> i may have been through hell and back, but i am strong enough to walk through hell with a smile on my face. and with my head held high and my feet firmly on the ground. >> it's been a blessing to have such an outpouring of love and kindness. i'm getting stronger each day and having my privacy has helped immensely. >> thank you for the support. >> the three women escaped from this cleveland home about two months ago. 52-year-old ariel castro has pled not guilty to a 329-count indictment. prosecutors alleged he kidnapped the woman off the streets and held them captive in a house of horrors. now the latest on the crash
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of flight 214. video showing the plane just moments after impact. emergency chutes deploy. passengers run away from the burning jumbo jet. also pictures of the two 16-year-old victims. officials still looking into whether one of those teenagers was killed by an arriving fire engine. their families are heading for the u.s. now. investigators are putting an early focus on the cockpit. they are trying to find out how a fully staffed crew in a modern day jet with no obvious mechanical problems came down in near perfect weather conditions. >> we're looking for things that might affect human performance like fatigue, like illnesses or medication, like health issues and so we will be looking at all of those to see if there's any impact on their ability to perform their jobs. >> the president of asiana airlines is flying to san francisco today. he was on happened this morning to personally apologize to the family of the two victims. egypt is rocked by its
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deadliest day since the military ousted its president. clashes near the republican guard left at least 51 dead and 435 injured. the violence further divides both sides in the conflict with no signs of letting up. cutting off the $1.5 billion in the u.s. aid would not be in the best interest of the u.s. but some members of congress disagree with that. new this morning, part two of self-proclaimed nsa whistleblower edward snowden's interview with britain's "the guardian" newspaper. he has more to say about the public surveillance programs and pushes back against being labeled a trader. jim maceda is in moscow for us. what did we learn in this latest release? >> reporter: good morning, richard. there are no real revelations in part two, though it's slightly more personal and in depth. it's a seven-minute clip which he recorded june 6th, still in hong kong, before coming here to moscow. in it, snowden denies he was a
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mole or deliberately intended to damage the nsa from the start saying he had the best of intentions, in fact, when he joined but that changed over time. he was asked at what point he crossed the line between thinking about the threats he saw around him and actually whistleblowing on the u.s. government. and this is some of what he had to say. >> i don't want to live in a world where everything that i say, everything i do, everyone i talk to, every expression of creativity or love or friendship is recorded. and that's not -- that's not something i'm willing to support. >> meanwhile caracas confirmed receiving snowden's asylum application saying he'll have to decide when he will fly to venezuela but he has no travel documents. just a canceled u.s. passport. still things do seem to be
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moving, however, slightly forward. >> jim maced athank you for that. a month's worth of rain in just one day. monday, toronto had extreme flooding and transportation shutdowns with over 300,000 people with no power. and at least 1,000 people were also trapped on a flooded go train. that is one of the area's major public transportation systems. nbc meter algs biorologist bill here. those are amazing pictures. >> it's funny how it works. as the summer season progresses. in the springtime storms down to the south, like texas and slowly everything moves north. this is toronto's severe weather season. canada's severe weather season. in the west, we'd love the rain. we need the rain. boise 95. we'll be even hotter today n even hotter tomorrow than that. across the country, there's some moisture out there. see a little spin over northern texaco. an upper level low is spinning south of el paso. it's got some moisture with it
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that's kicked up into southern arizona. maybe there, the dew points are higher. showers out there. that's about it. otherwise very hot in the intermountain west. you can see it's hard pressed to get that rain into arizona this time of year. just a little bit there around tucson. check out the high temperature today. 97 in boise. 98 in medford. interior areas of much of california will be up there right around 100 degrees. vegas, 110 today. l.a. will call and top you out in the upper 80s. oregon, night 90s. low humidity, sunny, 80 in one spot. that weather is seattle, the place to be right now. >> i was thinking the very same thing. all of a sudden, everybody wants to be in the northwest. >> it's sunny and beautiful
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every day. >> and what we'll take with sustwinksuus is twinkies. and a major ruling in the zimmerman trial. plus a report on osama bin laden's life on the lam.
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two key rulings monday in the trial of zimmerman. he's pleaded not guilty in the death traf von martin contending he shot the teenager in self-defense. sarah dallof is outside the courthouse in sanford, florida, with the latest for us. >> reporter: good morning, richard. just before the end of court yesterday, the judge ruled to allow trayvon martin's toxicology report that shows thc, the main ingredient in marijua marijuana. monday afternoon, defense called tracy martin, trayvon martin's father, to the stand to testify. he denied telling investigators that the voice on the 911 tape screaming for help was not his
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son. >> i kind of pushed away from the -- away from the table and just kind of shook my head and said i can't tell. >> reporter: he told prosecutors he listened to the tape multiple times at the mayor's office weeks later. >> basically what i was listening to, i was listening to my son's last cry for help. >> reporter: earlier in the day, the defense brought back those two investigators to talk about martin's initial response to the 911 tape. >> there's no doubt he was telling us that that didn't sound like his son to him. >> those cries were front and center for a large portion of monday's testimony. the defense called multiple friends and acquaintances of zimmerman. >> yes, definitely, that's georgie. >> the voice screaming on the tape is absolutely george zimmerman. >> reporter: prosecutors raised questions with those witnesses about possible bias. some have donated money to zimmerman's defense fund. one bought him clothing for the trial.
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sandra osterman and her husband co-authored a book about the shooting. >> you would agree you have a stake in this, don't you. >> a stake? >> yeah, in terms of the book. how many books have been sold? >> despite prosecutors objections, the judge reversed a ruling regarding the autopsy, ruling the toxicologist report that which contained small amounts of thc, the active grancy in marijuana found in trayvon martin's blood, will be allowed in court. and the defense indicated that they will call their expert to testify about the thc, likely some time today. the prosecution will be allowed to call a rebuttal witness. richard, back to you. sarah dallof for us in sanford, thank you. stories making news this morning. according to "the new york times," president obama is considering a faster pullout of afghanistan than originally planned. one that would leave no u.s. troops after 2014. this possible change, of course, comes after recent frustrations with president hamid karzai and the stalled peace talks with the
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taliban last month. a leaked pakistan report details the life of osama bin laden after the september 11th attacks. it mentioned an account of bin laden being pulled over for speeding in pakistan but was let go by authorities. the death toll of the runaway train disaster in quebec has now reached 13. dozens are still unaccounted for. the transportation and safety board now says -- now saying the tankers involved in the derailment have a history of puncturing during accidents. a judge in wisconsin blocked enforcement of a new law. the law had a troubling point of justification and set a new hearing for next week. the battle over tough abortion laws continues in texas. activists on both sides turning up at the capitol for rallies and public hearings. while texas' longest serving
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governor, rick perry, announcing monday he will not seek re-election next year. let's take a look at business for you now. we turn to courtney reagan. good morning. >> good morning, richard. consumers broke out their credit cards in may. just another sign they're optimistic about the economy. the fed says consumer credit jumped 8%, the biggest monthly gain in a year. that may be showing a willingness by people to build up their balances. barnes & noble's ceo resigns these chain continues to struggle with its money losing nook tablet business. nook sales dropped precipitously in the latest quarter and nearly wiping out profits from traditional books. and 7-eleven isn't skimping on the free slurpees this year. they are shedding the 7.11-houns cups that it's handed out in past years on july 11th in favor of 12-ounce drinks. that's 42% more frozen goodness. 7-eleven expects to hand out 7 million free slurpees on
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thursday. that is a lot of slurpees. richard, back to you. >> with the heat, we may want those. good news, america. you are less broke. the white house reports the federal deficit for this fiscal year is $200 billion less than expected. we are only overspending now by $759 billion. twinkies will be back in stores july 15th with an even longer lifespan than ever before. thank god, you're saying. the spongy yellow takes have a new shelf life of 45 days that extends the previous 26-day shelf life. famed sports carmaker porsche is going green with the 2014 panamera se hybrid. it boasts over 75 miles per gallon. the price there? $79,000. base. and take a look at the washington monument. it glows with 500 lamps while being restored from earthquake damage.
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half of the cost being paid for from a donation. rex ryan running with the bulls and all of your sports headlines. stick around.
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let's get the latest in sports for you right now. monday was the great day in baseball. tigers pitcher max scherzer with seven strikeouts but not enough
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for him to get the win. this embarrassment here does help his team. >> nubbed down the third base line. pena hoping it goes back there and it does. swisher is going to be out. oh, that is so betiful. that is terrible for nick swisher. >> what were you doing there? add this double off the wall in the tenth and detroit beats cleveland, 4-2. to milwaukee, joey votto hoping for the homer. please, no. no, doesn't get it. carlos gomez leaps, catches and then thanks jesus. brewers over the reds there, 4-3. in pittsburgh, coco crisp with a snap, crackle and pop. two-run save with that. the a's beat the pirates, 2-1. and another, a pirates minor league game. foul ball? hold on a second. ball into a cup holder. hole in one. gets it done. yep. grab it. the first comments from robert kraft on aaron
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hernandez's murder charges saying, quote, if this stuff is true, i've been duped and our whole organization has been duped. he added, he said to me he wanted to be a role model to the hispanic community. he said we'd given him a second chance and i believed him. he was the most likable young man. this is all sad to me. very sad. all smiles. rex ryan is in pamplona spain at the half mile running of the bulls with friends. not all smiles here, though. scrambling up a wall and watch this. not so quickly. 1,000-pound bull on his tail. he ran the two-minute race sunday and monday and i hear, not confirmed, though, when he got to the other side he tebowed. it's possible. mariah carey injured. randy travis hospitalized. plus the ex-files of george clooney continue to grow. details next.
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welcome back. we talked about how hot and dry it is in many areas of the united states. alaska, different story. at least four storms on the map here. one there, two, three. and another little spin there over western canada. so that's where it's going to be cloudy. that's where it's going to continue to be cool. only 63 in anchorage today. juneau, showers and 57 degrees. not exactly great summer weather for you. compare that to the west where everyone is roasting away out there. temperatures near 100 today in many spots in the desert areas. even hotter than that. we continue with an amazingly hot sumner areas around vegas.
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l.a., not so bad. inland areas, much warmer than the coast. 84 in the dontown area is a pretty average, typical summer day for you. >> thanks, bill. serious concerns about the health of randy travis. the country music star is in critical condition inside a texas hospital suffering from a viral heart infection. the 54-year-old did not show any signs before becoming ill on sunday. mariah carey was also rushed to the hospital after dislocating her shoulder on a music video shoot. the pop singer had her shoulder reset and is expected to make a full recovery. pearl jam hitting the road for the first time since 2010. so we'll see more of all that. the seattle rock band announcing plans for their north american tour after their website's countdown clock expired. a new clock popped up lead something to speculate that there would be an announcement of the tenth studio album that cannot be far behind. hollywood's perpetual
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bachelor george clooney and his e ex-files have resurfaced. stacy keibler recently became the actor's latest girlfriend to join his recent bevy of breakups. >> you need a big posterboard or rolladex. >> is it a life you'd want to be george clooney or some things he hasn't had that a lot of -- >> it can work both ways. he can be completely enjoying it. perhaps he -- >> he chose it, so -- >> seems like he's liking it. i'm richard lui. this is "early today." we hope it's just your first stop of the day today on nbc.
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leading the news in the toronto sun. mexico overcomes u.s. as fattest nation. according to a newly released u.n. report, about 70% of mexico's adult population is considered overweight. while nearly 30% are obese. in "the new york post," midtown's new 23-degree ice bar offers frozen escape in the summer heat. new york city's first ice bar, minus five, boasts tables, chairs, walls and sculptures all carved from canadian ice. been to one of those. you have to put on the coat. they give you a coat when you walk in. >> especially if you'll sit. could osama bin laden have been caught more likely post-9/11? a leaked pakistan government report says among other details he was once pulled over for speeding and let go. >> don't do it again.
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you get a warning. >> the u.s. acknowledges there's no hard evidence the pakistan government provided protection or attempted to hide bin laden. breaking their silence, the three women held captive for a decade in cleveland are thanking the public for their support. powerful words in a video released at midnight. one of the women saying she's been hurt but does not want to be consumed by hatred. increased activity at mexico's popocatapatal -- i'm not going to say it any more. it prompted them to raise alert levels for nearby areas. it prompted four u.s. airline carriers to suspend some flights and my ability to read anything that you could understand. a festival in arkansas has a bizarre way for how to get more use out of your garden supplies. the rotill aary championships.
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they do this for about 200 feet here on the track. people of all ages compete in the race and attempt to win the $500 prize. it takes more than a fast runner to win this race because once you get going, the tiller, it's hard to stop. like that guy there. he's got a turbo on it i think. >> it's difficult work. >> yeah, but fun in the sun, i guess in the summer if you have a tiller. >> fun in the sun? come to my house and do my garden. president obama meets with the congressional black calk taos talk about the economy. it's their first meeting since the supreme court decision last month that stripped out a key provision of the voting rights act. first lady michelle obama hosted the second annual kids state dinner and will recognize winners of the healthy lunchtime challenge. i'm richard lui along with bill karins. thanks for watching "early today." you have a very good day.
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